We have a couple of guarantees that we offer to our customers and commercial clients:

  1. Germination-If you dont get at least 75% germination rate with our germination method, we will replace your order for the cost of shipping.
  2. Satisfaction-We take a lot of time and effort to ensure that you as a grower are provided with the best genetics we can get our hands on. We are constantly testing & making sure that our line of genetics are true and genuinely satisfactory. We also provide a full break down of each strain we produce, so you can make the best decision about what you want to grow.


  1. The drop-Drop a small amount of clonex solution(not gel) into mineral or RO water and mix. Then drop your seeds into the solution and leave in a dark spot(not under light) for 24 hours.
  2. Take the seeds out of the solution and put into a tupper ware or ziplock bag with paper towel and the same solution you used for the drop above. Place this on a heat mat or in a warm place for another 24 hours.
  3. Check to see if your seeds are sprouted and need to be planted. If not, leave them there on the warm heat mat and wait for the radicle(tail/tap root) to show.
  4. Once tap root is showing, you can plant the seed.