Northern Lights RBX1

Are you a true cannabis connoisseur? If so, you won’t want to miss out on Northern Lights – one of the absolute classic strains that most new smokers have yet to try. Despite having a relatively “low” THC content of around 19-24%, this strain will elevate you to euphoric heights like never before.

Northern Lights hails from Pyramid Genetics, originally from Spain but no longer in operation. This 100% Indica style strain is a hybrid of Afghani and Thai genetics, resulting in a truly unique experience. We’re proud to have kept these genetics alive and have even created some exciting crosses with them.

With a flowering time of just 49-63 days, Northern Lights is a fast-acting strain that packs a punch. The old-school euphoria will hit you hard and fast, sending you off to dreamland in just half an hour with a 63-day harvest.

Get ready to indulge in the tantalizing flavors of strawberries, fruits, skunk, and pine, with colors ranging from purple to green. And if you’re struggling with insomnia, Northern Lights is a fundamental choice for achieving a good night’s sleep.

Don’t wait any longer to try this classic strain.

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