Sour Spirits Fem

Special thanks to Dank for the pics!


This cross has a rich history, as the SourPoison (SourD x DurbanPoison) was a beloved Sativa. However, it leaned too much towards the thin leaf variety in Stoner Dave’s personal opinion. So, he fearlessly crossed it back to the classic Northern Lights(Pyramid) we have in the collection from Pyramid, which is known to induce insane body highs and effectively tackle insomnia.

Lineage: Sour Poison(Sour Diesel x Durban Poison) x Northern Lights #1 RBX

Flowering time: 8wks

THC%: 24-26% from F1’s, F2’s are 26-30%!!!!

Setting: Indoor-Commercial & home grow/Field/Greenhouse!

Bringing to the terp table, this strain boasts classic fruits – strawberries, lemons, fruit punch, orange peel, orange punch, and kiwi. The flowering time is a mere 8 weeks, and this frost giant reaches a medium to large height. Trellising is not needed, and the yield is nothing short of impressive – med-large. This strain is sure to conquer all, with its tantalizing terpene profile and robust growth.